Iaido Seminar will be Sept. 15-16, 2018


We will have the 2018 Fall Meishin Muso Ryu Iaido Seminar on the weekend of Sept. 15-16, led by Shuji Matsushita Sensei.

Shudokan Kendo Godogeiko 2018

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We hosted our first kendo summer godogeiko ever on Saturday, July 21. Our dojo was lucky enough to train with several high-ranking sensei and their students from several dojos.

Garden State Kendo Tournament 2018

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We participated Saturday in the 2018 Garden State Kendo Tournament. Every year, this excellent tournament attracts competitors from New York to Canada.

Meishin Muso Ryu Official Website


Welcome to the official website of Meishin Muso Ryu, an Iaido style passed down from Shinkage Ryu.