2019 Boston Kendo Shinsa

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Four Shudokan members took the kendo shinsa in Boston on July 28, 2019. All passed. Congratulations!

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Results of AEUSKF shinsa

Video: Matsushita Sensei explains kata

After the examination, Matsushita Sensei explained to everyone the importance of kendo kata.

Among his key points, Sensei explained that kata is not merely a series of steps that we memorize for taking exams. Rather, we must understand the ideas and principles behind each kata.

For example, one must keep in mind the correct maai (distance). In ipponme, a common mistake is for the shidachi to strike the uchidachi’s men too short. The shidachi should not just go through the motions, but to aim at the right area.

Sensei asked everyone to continue training in kata. He said it will improve their kendo.

Here is a video of Sensei explaining kata in depth.

Video: Matsushita Sensei and Katsunori demonstrate fast kata

Sensei and Katsunori Sensei demonstrate nihonme at a fast speed. Katsunori Sensei is really trying to strike Sensei’s kote, so Sensei must avoid Katsunori’s bokuto quickly.