Iaido Seminar will be Sept. 15-16, 2018


We will have the 2018 Fall Meishin Muso Ryu Iaido Seminar on the weekend of Sept. 15-16, led by Shuji Matsushita Sensei.

Seminar schedule

The iaido seminar will be at Shudokan Dojo, rear of 831-D Ann St., Stroudsburg, PA.

Saturday, Sept. 15

Sunday, Sept. 16

Promotion examinations will be held Sunday morning. Those interested should contact Tom Hill or Katsunori Matsushita for details.

Registration fees

Registration fee is $60 for one day and $100 for both days. Please make checks payable to “Shu Do Kan.”

Payment can be made on the day of the seminar, or mail checks to:
Thomas Hill
107 Otter Pond Lane
Saylorsburg Pa 18353

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact: